Thursday, March 28, 2013

Organi - Organic Honey Peel

Let me start off by stating, that usually I'm not one to stop when random sales assistants try and sell me products in the mall. I'm one of those people who quickens their pace, looks the other way and if they do speak to me I just shake my head politely and say "No thanks" with a smile. Usually that's enough.


...the other day I tried this and as I was just about to keep on walking after giving the assistant the "No thanks" smile routine, I stopped when I heard her say "I'll give you a free hand scrub". Truthfully, I had no idea what the sales stand was about but as soon as she said those magic words I thought I'd hear her out, as I could just say no when it was all over and keep going about my business.

It was an Organi stand and I received my hand scrub which was lovely. You can check it this product out on their website (links below). I then had body moisturiser applied which smelled great (I am a sucker for the fragrance) and then they applied the Organic Honey Peel to my arm followed by the daytime face cream.

I ended up purchasing the Organic Honey Peel.

I am going to bullet point this otherwise I will just keep on rambling (as above).

  • Product - Organi Organic Honey Peel
  • Cost - AU$160 at Organi or AU$139.95 at The Mineral Miracle (yes my wallet is taking one for the team with this product)
  • Where to buy - online at Organi or at The Mineral Miracle. You can also visit their store in Westfield (Pitt St, Sydney) or there might be a pop stand at your local mall.
  • Size of product - 50gm/1.8oz
  • Product life - the packaging recommends 12 months after opening. However, the sales assistant advised that it will never expire and 50gm should last me a year.
  • What it promises - this organic and hypoallergenic honey peel "is a totally un-abrasive exfoliation formula using Honey Enzyme Extract to exfoliate and cleanse skin without scratching. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit by up to 97% exfoliation of dead skin, dirt and impurities, without damaging the skin matrix. Also helps in the treatment of acne, skin pigmentation and blemishes." This was taken off the packaging. The assistant advised that it uses Manuka Honey which is a natural antibacterial and the reason why it is expensive is because it uses organic products.
  • Directions of use - "Wash face with Organi Cleanser and Toner, then apply Organi Honey Peel to damp skin. Leave for 10-15 seconds, massage gently and rinse with warm water. For best results follow with Organi Day Cream." Do not leave it to dry on your face as it's not designed for that and you will not receive the non abrasive exfoliation. This was a strict instruction from the assistant.
  • Frequency of use - once a week (only use 1 gram which is 1 spoonful which is provided with the mask). On this basis the product then works out to be just over AU$3/week if you buy it from Organi.
  • Reviews from others - have a search on Google but this one is by far the best review out there. It also contains loads of feedback from other users and even comments from Organi. Check it out - le geekSkin
  • Product photos -

  • My review
Here's how I use the product.
1. One spoonful of product.

2. Evenly distribute it onto your dry, clean face (in this photo I used the back of my hand).

3. By the time you have spread it all over, the product starts to dry and as you complete the massage phase it turns into little white balls. I am sure some of your dead skin is removed during this step.

4. Rinse your face and dry.
  • Pros - I like the fact that it congeals to exfoliate as you massage your face. It's pretty cool and I am yet to come across another product (I'm sure they're out there) which does this. It also leaves your skin feeling full of moisture and ready to absorb whatever product you usually use after cleansing. I like that it only takes a minute to do and I am not having to wait 10-15 minutes before rinsing. I am a believer in Manuka honey so this is a positive and it smells good too!
  • Cons - the price is a little bit of a killer for me. Good thing they have good sales assistants out there. When you think about it though, if you do only use this once a week then the cost of an organic, Australian made product which is only just over $3/week seems reasonable. I believe that they do have promotions from time to time which could see you saving some money.
Useful Links -
Facebook page - OrganiSkinCare
Twitter @OrganiSkinCare
Until next time!

Please note: I purchased this product with my own money.

UPDATE 15 October 2013

I have been advised that you can receive a $20 discount on any product purchased at who are the official distributor of Organi products in NSW.

All you need to do is enter "iamvip" and this code is valid for the remainder of 2013.

Happy shopping!

UPDATE 27 December 2013

I have just completed a review on the Organi - Cleanser and Toner.
To check it out, please click here.

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